MaryJo Moore
MaryJo Moore

Graphic Designer
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I started my business on the Monterey Peninsula in California in 1997. Listening to my clients’ wants and needs is probably the greatest service I have to offer. I get the essence of the product or service that the client is offering and then create a graphic look that not only the owners like, but more importantly, to which the customer feels drawn. Many years of working as a graphic artist in a printshop has given me an extensive knowledge of printing and prepress. Exclusive, high-end projects are my specialty and the ones I enjoy most.

Graduate of the U.C. Davis
BA in Economics, Minor in Spanish
Semester in Spain – Seville, Spain
Completed semester and earned credits toward Spanish Minor at U.C. Davis

Running, music, the outdoors, sunshine, spending time with friends and family, organic food, travel, hiking, sports, boating, beach bonfires

Bood Design

PrePress Knowledge

Web Design

WordPress Site Builder **

Graphic Design

Intuitive Sense of Design
** WordPress is the most widely used CMS (Content Managment System)/Website software in the world. Although designed to allow a website to be more easily managed on a day-to-day basis, initial design of a high quality, professional appearence site is still a challenge, at which I excel.